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Jose R.Son

My dad passed away on 06/26/2020 all alone of Acute cardiorespiratory arrest caused by Covid-19. I am outraged that a hospital would send a 87 year old man with full blown pneumonia and covid19 to recover at a group home. They should have kept him in ICU at the hospital to monitor him just in case he needed a ventilator to breathe. 

By the 30th,we knew there was no hope. We both spoke to him via something called Jabber, whereby a nurse (bless her staunch heart) held up a video phone so that we could say our goodbyes and get one last look at Dad, as he lay unresponsive and on the bi-pap machine. He died the next day, May first, at about one in the afternoon.

A very good friend of mine In Arizona now, brought her mom to a nursing home Near her just so that she could visit. She has now not seen her for three months and her mom has lost the desire to live due to loneliness, and God knows what she has to deal with in a nursing care facility.